Not That Bad

I said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m so tired and bored, I feel like giving in
The weight on my back heavy crushing me down, what else can I do but fall to the ground
As hard as I try and as bad as it goes, despite all my friends hell I feel so alone
I’m dizzy and sick, spinning around and round…

Everybody needs somebody sometimes someone; try to mend a broken heart
Your buddy said today, tomorrow will be easy, but yesterday was not that bad

Nowhere to be found, I feel lost in a maze, a spoiled little child, a name without a face
I scream and I shout but I don’t make a sound, what else can I do but fall to the ground
Down on my knees hurting, catching my breath, I’m so far behind, with so much more ahead
I can’t see the end everyday’s the fucking same…

no matter where i seem to be, apocalypse surrounding me, no god, no angels ever saving me
yeah i’m my own worst enemy, a threat to this society, it’s killing you, killing me

前にも言ったし、また言おう 疲れすぎて退屈で、俺はあきらめたくなっている

だれだってだれかが必要なんだ、いつか、だれか 傷ついた心を癒そうとして